About Damage Control

Damage Control Consultancy Private Ltd. was founded in August 2012, as a communications agency in the social development context. Over the years, we noticed a trend of ground-breaking research slipping into the cracks, and important campaigns lacking depth. We seek to convert knowledge into accessible forms of communication.

We work across all media, based on the understanding that information needs to be disseminated differently depending on the content and target audience. We cater to the specific communication demands of our clients, producing work in various formats: film, photography, booklets, print exhibitions and website management. Our consultancy takes pride in its ability to turn unwieldy research into meaningful communication products.

What do we do?

  • Communication strategy
  • Creating New Content
  • Refashioning Existing Knowledge To New Content
  • Production across media


We're willing to break the bad news. We're willing to tell the good story

Profiles of successful small farmers from all over India. They never contemplate committing suicide. To be out as a book soon.
WFP is known to manage food for people in conflict areas. But there is no apparent conflict in India. What is WFP doing here?
A video campaign to increase uptake of double-fortified salt [iodine and iron] for a research of J-PAL in Ara district in Bihar. It actually worked.
In a never ending cycle of consumption and production, the only option is to produce more using less. Products to get industry onboard.
Isn't it funny that we expect money out of our discarded stuff after deriving full pleasure out of it? An honest business idea by wastepickers
'Water of India' is just not a magic show. The myriad traditional rainwater harvesting methods in Rajasthan, with scant rainfall is a testimony.
A set of videos to mobilise a parallel peoples' conclave during 8th BRICS summit, 2016 [Goa, India] for social activists in BRICS nations.
Outreach for stakeholders to communicate a multidisciplinary research to turn Nehru Place a public space.
Let everyone ask questions. Let everyone know what's happening. A community radio, a call centre, and many soldiers for good governance
A programme in East Champaran district in north Bihar for small farmers, connecting them to administration, researchers and market.
The creation of a public interface at the CoP11 of CBD tried to explain biodiversity and it's importance
A music video of a song that made sense, about a senseless issue. One Indian married woman is forced to die every six hours
Why should a large global agrocorporation spend money on well being of remote Indian marginal farmers
Small farmers have no bargaining power in the market. SAAL aggregates hundreds of farmers organic produce to mimic a large farmer.
Karnataka State Cricket Association took an initiative to turn Chinnaswamy Stadium green, launched during 2013 ODI final


A few good people

Pradip Saha
Pradip Saha

Pradip has experience in editorial management across all mediums. Before starting DamageControl, he managed Down To Earth

Arati Davis
Arati Davis

Arati was one of the founders of DamageControl. She has been working as a researcher, programme manager and policy expert. Currently, the VP of Sweden India Business Council. She has no professional relationship with DamageControl, but remains a well wisher.

Arindam Mitra
Arindam Mitra

Arindam manages QED Films, a leading producer of advertising films. Was a core member that built Contract Advertising. He managed Mid Day group's publications in Mumbai. He produced films like Black Friday and Shoonya.

Vaibhav Raghunandan
Vaibhav Raghunandan

Vaibhav is a photographer, illustrator, designer and sports writer. He has worked as the Assistant Art Editor at Down To Earth

Nidhi Misra
Nidhi Misra

Nidhi has worked in the area of urban development as a journalist as well as a researcher. 

Arjun Mukherjee
Arjun Mukherjee

Arjun had a long career in advertising and marketing, sold products and services, created brands. He's trying to apply what he learnt in the social development context. Arjun is also a rock drummer.

Neeraj Kumar
Neeraj Kumar

Our dolphin whisperer Neeraj is the cog that keeps our brains ticking – mostly by dosing us with coffee



Other stuff we are doing, beyond the core area of business. And ramblings too.

Dec 2014 November 30, 2015. Paris. Starting today, shadow boxing between rich and poor nations will start over climate change.
Oct 2012 “What Control?” “Damage. Just like Flood Control, or Pest Control…” “Interesting… So you control all kinds of damages?


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