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DamageControl worked with ActionAid India to produce a series of videos for the BRICS summit held in Goa, India. The member countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, are some of the world’s fastest growing economies and have been pursuing aggressive pro-growth strategies. Corresponding with the BRICS summit in India, Action Aid sought to generate awareness of the BRICS organisation, as well as the socio-economic conditions prevalent throughout the five countries.

DamageControl created four videos addressing different socio-economic aspects of the BRICS. They covered agriculture, wages, social progress, and public welfare, throughout the five countries. DamageControl edited and produced each video, in addition to filming the segments about India. Each video is comprised of interviews with both experts and citizens affected by economic growth in the various nations, and, for each topic, we created a full-length and shortened video.

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