Green Wicket

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How can you connect cricket to environmental sustainability?

You can't, there is no hook to put them together. But DamageControl was asked to create a short video linking cricket and environment, to launch 'Green Wicket', a programme by Karnataka State Cricket Association to turn Chinnaswamy stadium into a sustainable sports venue. The plan was to put up photovoltaic solar all around the stadium, harvest rainwater, manage waste in a scientific manner. Apart from these, Karnataka cricketers planned to take environmental sustainability campaign to the schools, specially sanitation and hygiene.

Moreover, the launch video was to be shown several times on the giant electronic display board during the 2013 ODI final between India and Australia. There was no point in doing any audio voice over, the whole creative was to be based on visuals. The situation called for an absurd storyline. The bat hits the ball, ball goes up and hits the sun and come back on the stadium roof turning it a solar roof. The ball also goes up to hit the cloud and rain happens and cricketers collect the rainwater in their caps and helmets. And so on.

We are proud to have cooked up the storyline for a great effort by Karnataka State Cricket Association, partnered by GIZ.

The Video
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