What control?

All Unlimiteds Air Pollution Published on: 15 October 2012

“What Control?”
“Damage. Just like Flood Control, or Pest Control…”
“Interesting… So you control all kinds of damages? A PR agency? You work for soft drinks companies? Or those companies involved in oil spills?”

No, we are not a Public Relations company.

There is a difference between public relations and public interest. We would like to think of ourselves as a Public Interest company. Public relations, advertisers and politicians are not willing to tell you the bad story. A large part of social communication is to know about the situation so that we can go ahead. DamageControl will help tell people the real story. We urge researchers to come forward, take the next step to engage in public communication to tell everyone what they have understood.

We are also more than willing to tell real good stories.

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