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Everybody got super-concerned about plastics in 2018. It was the theme for the World Environment Day. But a campaign to 'Ban Plastics' does not work at all. Plastics are too entangled with our lives and economy. Ban plastics? What will the farmers do? Most of the implements are made of plastics now. What will happen to the healthcare industry? Imagine a world of disposable glass syringes!

E-Waste Sutra

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DamageControl undertook the task of raising awareness about electronic waste among the youth -- a target audience that perhaps uses and will be using electronic gadgets most. Bearing in mind the youth’s resistance to preachy advise, we chose a comic book as the medium, with text, illustrations, photos and graphics.

Resource Efficiency

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The economic growth fuelled by rapid increase in consumption and production has a suicidal
element. The resources for production are limited and a lot of them are already dwindling. In the near future, their dearth will give rise to conflicts and create a crisis for the economy. But we cannot stop the rapid consumption of resources in one day.

Economics or Ecology

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The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity [TEEB] is a global initiative to put a right price
to ecology and its services. One may argue that economic valuation of ecology is absurd, but
this probably the best way to present ecology to a materialistic society.
TEEB’s India programme looked at 12 cases, landscapes and species to look at valuation that

Trash Business

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'Pick My Trash' is almost like an art project.

Decoding Paris Climate Deal

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Climate bureaucrats talk in Latin. Official documents are full of abbreviations, brackets and textual gymnastics. No wonder common people of the world has no clue about these negotiations. More importantly, even the negotiators from developing and least developed countries find it difficult negotiate through this text and make informed interjections to safeguard the interest of their respective countries. Maybe it is an intended design.

Rich Poor Farmers

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The assignment started with documenting ‘rural livelihood projects for excluded communities’ in India supported by Change Alliance. What we saw amazed us. It definitely demanded more than ‘documentation’. There are inspiring experiments and practices going on all over India, in every eco-region by small and marginal farmers. On the other hand, the only story the Indian middle class knows about agriculture is that farmers commit suicide. This has perpetuated a negative image about agriculture among opinion makers. All of this is bad news.

Nehru PlaceMaking

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India’s mega-cities have been growing at an unforeseen pace. But effective restructuring requires an understanding acceptance of the problem.

Cities like Delhi are looking to rezone, expand and create larger and more effective spaces for multi-modal transport and economic activity. Nehru Place was selected as the case study for such a discussion. Recommendations were to be made to Municipality. In order to get the point across, succinct and persuasive communication was required.

Fortified Rice

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There are debates about fortification of food, but it is definitely a valid emergency measure.
The World Food Programme (WFP) ran a pilot programme of distributing iron-fortified rice
through Mid-Day Meal. The exercise consisted of lifting rice from Food Corporation of India, getting it fortified after selecting a miller, distributing to schools, and finally providing students cooked lunch. Along the way, there was strict monitoring of quality and documentation.
The result was compared with the neighbouring district of Rayagada. The benefit was positive, if

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