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All Portfolios Agriculture, Small & Marginal Farmers, Social Entrepreneurship Video Apr 2016 Client: SAAL

Sustainable Agro Alliance Limited (SAAL) is a consortium of small farmers who work as agri-entrepenueurs. SAAL along with its partners provides last mile connectivity between the farmers and the market by simply aggregating their products and mimicking a large farmer with a large range of products. Sustainable Agro Alliance Limited (SAAL) has more than 1200 registered small farmers and has been mentoring, experimenting and providing appropriate knowhow to the farmers to achieve sustainable agricultural practices that are both economically and ecologically viable.

DamageControl worked with SAAL to produce a video documenting the work of SAAL with the farmers and the process they have adopted for connecting the farmers with the wholesale market and transporting their produce.The video was a mix of visuals along with infographics and a voice over.


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