E-Waste Sutra

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DamageControl undertook the task of raising awareness about electronic waste among the youth -- a target audience that perhaps uses and will be using electronic gadgets most. Bearing in mind the youth’s resistance to preachy advise, we chose a comic book as the medium, with text, illustrations, photos and graphics.

Based on the client’s work on informal e-waste management in Delhi, we created a narrative with a seemingly 'dead' cell phone as the protagonist. Though it was thrown away, it refuses to die and remains in Silicon Vihar, the resting place for electronic waste. There are 3 types of phones-- smart phones, dumb phones, and the most rare of all, wise phones. The wise phone chats with the other phones about its owner, and how it has arrived at SiliVihar.

The idea was to explain the life-cycle of e-waste to a young audience and raise consciousness about disposal in an easy to understand and fun manner. This project focused on taking academic research and translating this into accessible outreach for the target audience. DamageControl provided content development, graphic design and photography, layout, production, and printing.

This comic book had a long journey.

During the UNFCCC Paris conference, Paris municipality created a series of street exhibitions on critical environmental issues around climate change targeted towards children and youth. An abridged version of the book was selected for an exhibition at Square du Temple, Rue Spuller.

Ewaste sutra expo paris


The abridged version of E-Waste Sutra made it to an anthology, 'FIRST HAND: Graphic Non-Fiction from India' published by Yoda Press in May 2016. You can buy the book here.

E Waste Sutra in First Hand Volume 1
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