Decoding Paris Climate Deal

All Portfolios Climate Change Print Sep 2017 Client: Oxford Climate Policy

Climate bureaucrats talk in Latin. Official documents are full of abbreviations, brackets and textual gymnastics. No wonder common people of the world has no clue about these negotiations. More importantly, even the negotiators from developing and least developed countries find it difficult negotiate through this text and make informed interjections to safeguard the interest of their respective countries. Maybe it is an intended design.

Hence, it is important to build capacity for climate negotiators and activists from these countries. Oxford Climate Policy (OCP) and European Capacity Building Initiative (ECBI) took the responsibility to rewrite important issues related to Paris Agreement in a simple manner so that people can read between the lines and engage efficiently during the negotiations.

DamageControl designed the series. So far, we have made ten Pocket Books in both English and French. You can find all the Pocket Book Series here. 

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