Where Does It Hurt?

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Where Does It Hurt?

Health is at the core of human survival. It connects all elements of globalisation; business, environment, trade, technology, war, and peace. But do we know enough to make informed choices?

Health, health services and provisions stand at the crossroads of governance and the market. The Lancet Commission, University of Oslo Commission was put in place by the UN Secretary General’s office to investigate the inequities in care. The Lancet Commission for Global Governance of Health examines the links between globalisation and public health and investigates the inequalities in healthcare. As an economy  transitioning into private healthcare, India is an important site, and was hence chosen as the venue for the 3rd meeting of partners.

Damage Control provided the framework for discussion, by consolidating literature across all mediums; newspapers, articles, books. With this, an online archive was designed and developed the open workshop for the third Commission meeting in Delhi.

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