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TYPECASTING / #36daysoftype

In our project, 36daysoftype, we have tried to give our take on things that concern us at DamageControl. 36daysoftype is a global, typography project, where designers, illustrators and visual artists share their view on the alphabet. Our project looked at it in a two-fold manner. The first was to use each alphabet as a stepping stone to talk about a specific subject and also provide information on it, based on what our concerns and opinions about it are. The second was to visually match what we were talking about to the visual.

There is a mix of topics we have covered in the project, like science (Nitrogen, Thermodynamics, Bacteria), social (Xenophobia, Self-Rule, Obsoloscence), environmental (Renewable, Marine, Vulture) and even conceptual idea that we believe are not spoken about enough (Attitude, Zero, You).

The project was an experiment to test ourselves and our capabilities to convey messaging on social media. A book, and other collaterals, fuelled by our followers demand, are in production.

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