Fortified Rice

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There are debates about fortification of food, but it is definitely a valid emergency measure.
The World Food Programme (WFP) ran a pilot programme of distributing iron-fortified rice
through Mid-Day Meal. The exercise consisted of lifting rice from Food Corporation of India, getting it fortified after selecting a miller, distributing to schools, and finally providing students cooked lunch. Along the way, there was strict monitoring of quality and documentation.
The result was compared with the neighbouring district of Rayagada. The benefit was positive, if
not dramatically positive. WFP now wants to go to other state governments to extend the same

We assembled a 40-page booklet which summarized the project and discussed its goals and
findings. The book featured a wide variety of photos and DamageControl-generated text,
graphs, displays and diagrams. We produced two Z-Card brochures as well, each of which
contained information about the WFP intervention and the benefits of iron-fortified rice. The
book and brochures combine to present highly accessible and detailed reports about the need
for improved fortified rice distribution in India.

The Report
Z Card on Rice Fortification
Z Card on Pilot in Gajapati
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